Children and young people

Children and young people

Thinking about children and young people…

Hello I’m Laura, individuals and couples counsellor working exclusively online at the moment by IM, email, phone and webcam: sharing some thoughts during lockdown. Children and young people are part of the family and what affects them can also impact on parents and siblings. It can help to know what to do to manage stress on the young ones. 

How can we help children and young people who are still not back in their routine?

For children

Spend extra time playing with children… Children will rarely communicate how they are feeling, but will often make a bid for attention and communication through play. You might well see therapeutic themes of illness, doctor visits, and isolation play. Understand that play is cathartic and helpful for children. Play is how children process their world and problem solve, and there’s a lot they are seeing and experiencing in the now.

For young people

For younger (and older) people… Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and a wide berth. A lot of cooped up time can bring out the worst in everyone. Each person will have moments when they will not be at their best. It is important to move with grace through blow-ups; Don’t show up to every argument you are invited to, and don’t hold grudges and continue disagreements. Everyone is doing the best they can to make it through this.

And if we can help, do get in touch! Children and young people impact on their parents’ lives too. Email me on or through the online form on the home page or phone 07375 293 075  to arrange a convenient date and time.

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