Uncertain and changing times

uncertain and changing times

Relax and go with the flow in uncertain and changing times.

Sometimes change occurs and we have absolutely no control over it. We are still in the midst of uncertain and changing times with Coronavirus continuing at large and social distancing very much in place. 

Lockdown is gradually relaxing, and many are returning to work, and enjoying meeting loved ones again. For some of us, however, the return to greater contact outside the home brings more anxiety about the risks of infection and the consequences of that for our health or work.

When unexpected and unwelcome change happens, even though we can’t stop it happening, we can still choose how we are going to respond. If we resist change and remain rigid and inflexible in our mindset, the challenges and necessary adaptation to our behaviour may feel a lot more difficult and possibly even painful.

How to reduce anxiety

Some anxiety about change is totally normal but it is not helpful if we let it get out of control. some questions to ask ourselves are: How realistic are our worries? Can we make a worry into an action? Make a plan and carry it through instead of just worrying?

Recalling that things will work out and that we do have the power to adapt may make it easier to cultivate a positive attitude and mindset towards change.

Remember that at every stage, this is a phase; It will come to an end and resolve. Try if you can to keep a feeling of perspective. Meanwhile, going with the flow, being gentle with yourself while doing so, is likely to be helpful. Find places and activities that do help to make you feel safe

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