Couples counselling / therapy

couple counselling/therapy

All relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes they can get a bit stuck. It can be hard to talk things through or get to a positive solution. Whether you are feeling things just aren’t quite right or whether you are encountering serious difficulties, couples counselling / therapy can help.

I offer warmth, understanding and the time and a safe therapeutic space for couples counselling /therapy. I can help you to work together through difficult issues.

Maybe there’s a feeling of growing apart and losing the ability to communicate? Maybe there are arguments or there’s been an affair, maybe not. Uncomfortable silences? Everyone’s pain is different.

How I work

By helping you to find new ways to be heard, you can both discover what you need emotionally and you can express the pain and disconnection of isolation. I can help you to do this and then to work together towards a solution that’s right for you.

By finding emotional connection and mutual understanding it is possible to re-draw the pattern of your relationship and find closeness and that sense of belonging again.

I work with all relationship difficulties whether you are in a couple or on your own. Counselling is regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.  What’s important is your relationship. Counselling can help to get things back on track.

As well as helping you to reconnect, couple counselling can also become about helping you to separate.  It can be tough, painful work to both end and accept the ending of a relationship. Counselling won’t take away the pain of the loss but it will provide a safe space to think about why things haven’t worked out, to make sense of what has happened and to find ways of moving on. 

In terms of how long you need to spend in counselling, everyone is different. Some couples feel ready to leave counselling / therapy after a short time whilst others benefit from a longer period of support.  My focus is providing you with the support you need.

Does couples counselling / therapy work?

Couples’ results vary because their gains are largely determined by their own efforts. Changing your relationship requires listening to your partner, talking things out, and then doing things differently. If you’re willing to do that, relationships counselling can help you:

  • Get beyond circular arguments and each learn to see your partner’s perspective
  • Develop curiosity in place of defensiveness
  • Discuss difficult issues calmly
  • Take responsibility for change and make it happen
  • Develop self-respect and respect for each other
  • Communicate honestly and in a non-threatening way
  • Develop greater emotional resilience
  • Rediscover the good in your relationship

To ensure your safety and to comply with social distancing, couples counselling is currently offered either by any of the online methods you feel comfortable with: video (Zoom) telephone, email or IM, or

In-person, face to face counselling is also becoming available in some circumstances. For details, please see the About me page.

Next Steps: To  book your no-obligation 15 minute telephone chat in order to discuss how therapy can benefit you, please email me on or through the online form on the home page or phone/text 07375 293 075  to arrange a convenient date and time.