Individual counselling / therapy

comfortable chair for individual counselling/therapy


Many people come to counselling as individuals to work on individual issues. Below, for example are just a few of the more common areas. Every person who comes to individual counselling / therapy has their own unique situation that deserves careful exploration.



If you have anxiety you know it can affect a person in all sorts of painful ways, and can cause real physical symptoms. You may be experiencing panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a particular fear of specific situations/objects. It can also be a vague but real discomfort which affects your enjoyment of life.

Along with medical treatment, where appropriate under your GP’s supervision, therapy can assist in exploring and understanding some of the background to and context for anxiety.  I can help you to understand where the anxiety comes from and in working to develop strategies to reduce the anxiety, we can develop more effective ways for you to manage your anxiety. 


If you’ve felt depression you know it can be a dark and lonely place. It is more than feeling sad or “blue” but is accompanied by physical symptoms. These can affect appetite and sleep, changes in energy and enthusiasm, difficulty in relationships, a change in sex drive and the ability to enjoy things in life previously pleasurable.

Connection through counselling is the most highly recommended form of treatment for mild to moderate depression. Also, growing evidence suggests it can be even more effective than medication. Support, warmth and the meaningful connection with another person is something that I offer within individual counselling/therapy.

Self-esteem / Self-worth

Today’s cultural influences, with suggestive messages about an “ideal body” or a lifestyle that “has it all” can put enormous pressure on an individual, and lead towards a feeling of “I’m not good enough”. Other influences are pressures and expectations unfairly placed on a person by others or even oneself. It is painful to struggle with feelings of low self-worth. Having low self-esteem shapes how a person faces every part of the day. Counselling is a process whereby you can examine the ways in which you measure your worth and we work together to help you discover the value of you.

Guilt / shame

Guilt says, “I made a mistake”…Shame says, “I am a mistake”. Individual counselling can help you work out the difference between the two, and help you develop an understanding of the role of guilt/shame in your life and where those feelings might have come from. Finding out about this can empower you to choose to release those feelings from your life today 


Anger is a complex emotion. We are often given strong messages about anger as we grow up. For some, anger is a fearful emotion to experience because of the terror experienced with other people’s anger. Other times we feel confusion and guilt about anger because of messages such as: “Nice people don’t get angry”. Still others are shocked at the intensity of the anger they feel and the inappropriate ways they find themselves expressing their anger.  Anger can also disguise deeper feelings of needing and craving love and attention. I can help you to explore what it’s like for you and to find a new  understanding and control over your anger.

Individual counselling / therapy can also address these feelings:

  • Not knowing what you want in life or from a relationship?
  • Wanting help for your relationship and your partner won’t participate?
  • You have suffered a loss or grief.
  • Some negative patterns seem to repeat in your life.
  • Feeling like you are being left behind whilst others around you move forward in life?
  • Worrying that you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • Knowing there are things you need to change but just can’t seem to get around to making those changes.
  • You have lost your sense of yourself.

Next Steps:

When you are ready to begin your journey to knowing yourself better, get in touch and book your initial 15 minute telephone chat.  Ongoing individual counselling sessions are usually £50 for 50 minutes, subject to any relevant reduction. Face to face and online sessions are now available.

There is a limited number of discounts available for certain NHS staff. Contact me for further information and to apply.

For an initial 15 minute conversation in order to discuss how therapy can benefit you, please email me on or through the contact form on the home page . Alternatively, phone/text 07375 293 075 to set up an initial chat.