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with Laura Scott, MBACP, DiRC, LLB, Dip.LP, Dip.OCS

I’m a qualified Relate counsellor providing online therapy for individuals and couples who are worried about their relationship: A feeling of growing apart? Losing the ability to communicate? Don’t feel heard or understood? Arguments? An affair? Uncomfortable silences? I help you explore ways to make sense of what’s going on, re-connect with each other and restore closeness.

Laura Scott counsellor
Laura Scott – individuals and couples counsellor.

I offer personal warmth to create a feeling of acceptance and safety in our sessions.

As a registered member of BACP and of ACTO I want to enable you to feel listened to and understood.  This safe, non-judgmental time allows you to work through problems with my support.

Because of COVID 19,  most of my counselling is currently online, by video, phone, email or IM. I also offer Walking and Talking; Counselling side by side in the open air. I will provide face to face indoors therapy again when it is safe to do so.

My services…

Who for?

Individuals therapy

Many people come to counselling as individuals to work on individual issues which may be to do with relationships or not. Within the Individual counselling page, for example, are listed just a few of the more common areas. Every person who comes to therapy has their own unique situation and I can help you to explore yours and find new insights.

Couples / Relationship therapy

All relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes they can get a bit stuck. As a result, it can be hard to talk problems through or get to a positive solution. Whether you are feeling things aren’t quite right or whether you are encountering serious difficulties, counselling can help. Couple counselling offers the time and a safe therapeutic space to work together through difficult issues. Visit the couples counselling page for details.

Coping with Coronavirus

At the moment many of us are feeling anxious and uncertain about the ongoing impact of Coronavirus on all of our lives. We’ve coped so far. How can we keep going?

This worry is understandable and unsettling. There are so many areas of our lives and futures that are being affected and sometimes put on hold. It’s deeply frustrating  that we have to find ways of coping in external circumstances that we are powerless to control. I can help you to find ways to enhance your strengths in this uncertainty and invest in your personal resources and resilience.  Walking and Talking or Online therapy for couples and individuals can help you keep mentally and physically healthy during this unique time of stress.

If you feel affected and would like to get in touch to find out how to maximise your resilience, please do contact me. I currently offer a limited number of sessions with 20% fees reduction for online therapy for certain NHS staff. Please get in touch for details.

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Laura Scott, MBACP

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